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Are there trees or foliage near your underground sewer lines? Do your plumbing fixtures take forever to drain? In these cases, you likely need rooter service. At Zest Plumbing and Drain, we offer fairly-priced rooter service near and in Scottsdale, AZ.

Rooter Service in Scottsdale, AZ and Surrounding Areas

Since 2008, Zest Plumbing and Drain is committed to providing top-quality services to our customers. To achieve that, we employ only honest, dependable, and skilled plumbers who stick to our company’s core values. We want you to be comfortable and confident when you hire our team.

In addition, we make sure our team is equipped with advanced tools that will make them more efficient and effective with their job. We are also bonded and insured. So, should anything happen during our service, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re with a legitimate company.

What is a Rooter Service?

Grease, dirt, and other household items aren’t the only ones that could clog a drain. Trees and foliage can also cause an annoying and often expensive drain blockage.

So if there are trees near the underground sewer lines, it’s highly likely for their roots to break into the pipes and clog them. A rooter service is designed to solve clogging issues related to roots, hence the name. However, rooter service has become a generic name these days. It can be any method used to deal with stubborn clogs.

Snakes, hydro jetting, root killing chemicals are just some of the tools used by plumbers to address serious drain clogs. At Zest Plumbing and Drain, we’re fully equipped to get rid of tough blockages in your drain. Clogs may be tough, but we’re tougher.

In most cases, pipes infiltrated by tree roots are either corroded or damaged. Tree roots get inside the pipes through holes and cracks. These need to be fixed to prevent the same problem. In case there’s a need for a repair, we’ll let you know. We’ll also ensure the damage is fixed properly using quality materials.

Excellent Rooter Service in Scottsdale, AZ

For clogs that are hard to get rid of, Zest Plumbing and Drain is the company to trust. We promise an excellent rooter service near or in Scottsdale, AZ. Our qualified and experienced technicians use the latest rooter technology to clear even the toughest clogs quickly and efficiently.

At Zest Plumbing and Drain, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure all your requirements and expectations are met and that you have a wonderful experience working with us.

Additionally, we promise upfront pricing. Before we start working, we’ll make sure you know how much you need to pay. No surprises nor hidden charges. Aside from being transparent with the service cost, we also do our best to make our prices reasonable without sacrificing our work’s quality. We already eliminated the trip fee.

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Signs it’s time to schedule a rooter service include water or sewer backup, slow drainage, and foul smell coming from your plumbing fixtures. If you suspect drain clogging, please don’t hesitate to contact Zest Plumbing and Drain today.

We also offer a wide range of other plumbing services to keep your home’s plumbing system running smoothly.

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