Don’t DIY This July! 4 Plumbing Repairs to Leave to the Professionals

There is no better feeling than saving a few extra dollars by fixing a home repair on your own without outsourcing the help. Online tutorials and videos can certainly be helpful for your DIY desires. However, there are several plumbing repairs that an expert should handle.

Not only can you make the issue worse by taking matters into your own hands, you can create a mess that will cause a costly cleanup. So before you pull out your toolkit, here are some plumbing repairs you should always leave to the professionals.

Sewer Lines Clogs or Damage

Sewage lines are a critical part of your home’s plumbing system, and professionals must only deal with them. Tampering with them without the proper knowledge or expertise can put the safety and comfort of your family at risk. So the next time you suspect clogged or damaged sewer lines, call the experts.

Replacing a Water Heater

We understand that having an inefficient water heater can be a hassle and highly inconvenient. However, it is not worth the risk of installing a new one yourself. Water heaters are complex equipment, and a mistake during installation could result in fire, an explosion, or even fatal injuries. Let a professional handle this job so the installation can be executed safely.

Unclogging a Drain

At some point, the drains in your home may become clogged from hair, dirt, soap scum, and other debris. You may be tempted to grab a bottle of drain cleaner from the store, but this is not advised. Although drain cleaners are advertised as a safe and quick fix for clogged drains, these harsh chemicals often do more harm than good. Instead, have a professional unclog your drains. During your appointment, they can even advise on preventing future clogs.

Fixing a Leaking Toilet

It is no secret that fixing a leaking toilet should be handled quickly. However, trying to stop this leak yourself could make it worse and cause water damage that can be costly to repair. Save yourself the trouble and call a professional plumber who can stop the leak in its tracks and properly diagnose the issue.

Call the Professionals

When in doubt, call the professionals to take care of the plumbing issues in your home. The plumbers at Zest Plumbing & Drain are more than happy to identify the plumbing problems in your home and provide affordable solutions. To schedule your appointment today, call us at (480) 448-5750 or schedule your appointment online. 

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