Water Leak in Your Home? Here is Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It!

As a homeowner, certain tasks or repairs don’t necessarily require your immediate attention. For example, that carpet tear behind your couch can go a little longer without being repaired. However, a water leak is something that you should always, and we mean ALWAYS, take care of pronto. 

Although it may be tempting to see if a water leak stops on its own or ignore it altogether, there are many dangers associated with letting a leak go unattended. Still not convinced? The experts at Zest Plumbing and Drain have some key reasons you should never ignore a water leak!

Increase in Energy Bills

With the rising costs of, well…..almost everything, paying more on your water bill is less than desirable. Homeowners often underestimate how quickly a leaking pipe or faucet adds to wasted water. A continuous leak can waste up to 20 gallons of water a day! So the next time you are tempted to look the other way when you notice a leak, think about the money you could have saved.

Potential Water Damage

Water damage is the last thing you want to have to worry about as a homeowner. These repairs can be expensive and often cost more than getting the leak repaired would have cost. This is why it is recommended that you consult with a plumbing expert as soon as you discover a leak to minimize further damage.

Health Risks   

Mold thrives in places with a lot of moisture and dampness. So what provides the perfect breeding ground for mold? Yep, you guessed it—water leaks. Not only is mold not pleasing to look at, but it also poses major health risks, such as respiratory infections and severe allergic reactions. Keeping you and your family safe is a top priority, so make sure mold doesn’t stand a chance in your home. 

Could Indicate a Bigger Problem

It is not always possible to determine what is causing a water leak if you are not a plumbing professional. While a leak may require a minor fix, it may indicate that there is a bigger issue that needs to be taken care of immediately. The longer you wait, the more you increase the chances of having a bigger mess to clean up.

Don’t play the waiting game when it comes to water leaks in your home! For years, Zest Plumbing and Drain has provided the best leak detection and repair near Scottsdale, Arizona. We understand the importance of fixing your leak as soon as possible, so we always offer prompt and efficient service. 

Just give us a call at (480) 448-5750 or schedule your appointment online.

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